The law firm

The firm of attorney at law Dr. Giovanni Merlini advises his clients in Italian, German and French and operates throughout Switzerland. The firm is particularly active in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Law: Contracts for the Sale and the Purchase of Real Estate, Donations of Real Estate, Drafting of Mortgage Certificates, Increase of the Nominal Value, Merger and Conversion of Mortgage Certificates, Drafting of Easements (Servitudes), etc.
  • Company Law: Formation and Incorporation of Companies, Assignment of Company Shares, Mergers, Amendments to Articles of Association, Trasfer of Registered Offices, Transformation of the Legal Form of a Company, Shareholders' Agreements, etc.
  • Inheritance Law: Last Wills and Testaments, Inheritance Contracts, Dissolution of Communities of Heirs, Division of Estates, Acting as Executor of Will, etc.
  • Family Law: Marriage Contracts, etc.
  • Administrative, Construction and Planning Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Notarial Certifications and Legalisations: Authentication of Signatures and Documents, Certified Copies of Documents and Deeds, etc.

For some litigation proceedings, the firm of attorney at law Dr. Giovanni Merlini relies on the expertise of the law firm

ad metam SA, Ascona.